We are pleased to announce Kathy Logie, Program Coordinator, PMH Eating Disorders Program who will speak at the 3rd Annual Australian and New Zealand Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference; Issues of the current day 16 – 17 May 2016.

Ms Logie will speak in the treatments; early intervention and management stream about her own eating disorder experience.

The presentation will provide an overview of a Kathy’s personal experience with an eating disorder in order to convey some of the internal processes that accompany such an experience. Kathy will speak briefly about what it is like to be unwell and caught in a cycle of self-destruction and pain and will share some aspects of the descent into the illness and also the pivotal choices which led to her recovery. Having given a snapshot of the experience Kathy will open for questions and facilitate an honest discussion that allows people to enquire into any area that has piqued their interest. read more