The 2018 National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club over 27-28 September.

Joining us at this year’s conference as a keynote presenter is Dr Milan Piya is a Senior Lecturer in Diabetes at the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University who will present on ‘Bariatric Surgery in Patients with Eating Disorders – Least Bad Option or Avoid at All Costs?’


Bariatric surgery is increasingly being performed in Australia in patients with significant obesity. The weight loss associated with surgery in patients with Class II and Class III obesity has been shown to be significantly greater than diet/lifestyle or pharmacotherapy, with associated improvements in co-morbidities. This weight loss is also sustained over longer periods of time, with trials reporting up to 20 years of data. The low mortality (less than 1%) in this high risk group, and the fact that the majority of these procedures are laparoscopic, adds to the attractiveness of surgery as a weight loss option.

However, not all patients do well following bariatric surgery. There are no pre-operative markers or co-morbidities that accurately predict which patients do well following surgery. Eating disorders are more common in patients with significant obesity, but the evidence relating to how eating disorders affect bariatric surgery outcomes are varied. This is evident as different bariatric centres have different approaches to patients with eating disorders. Join the session for an interactive discussion and review of the current evidence.


Dr Milan Piya is a Senior Lecturer in Diabetes at the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University. As an Endocrinologist in Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals, he is part of the multidisciplinary metabolic and obesity service where a publicly funded bariatric surgery unit is planned from 2019. He completed his Endocrinology training in the UK, and his PhD in Obesity and Metabolism at the University of Warwick in 2013. He has published several papers on obesity, biomarkers and diabetes. He has worked in three major obesity/bariatric centres in the UK over the last 10 years, before moving to Sydney last year.

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