The 2018 National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club over 27-28 September.

Joining us at this year’s conference is Dr Robbie Lloyd, Community Relationships & Wellbeing Manager at Port Macquarie Community College who will present on ‘Collaborative Approaches to Actively Reducing Obesity & Eating Disorders’.


Background & Rationale
Workshop engages participants in exploring ways Adult Community Education (ACE) partners with Families, Health & Schools, helping to reduce eating disorders & obesity (ED&O). By engaging disengaged and disaffected young people, involving them in a new community of belonging, and giving them a purpose and meaning in their life, ACE can succeed where school has failed.

Port Macquarie Community College (PMCC) has a range of programs engaging at risk young people, many of whom are in the ED&O category. By strengthening and sustaining their personal and group mental health, PMCC has been able to help these young people to steer a new path in life and find motivation for lifestyle changes. We also provide a Professional Development Program on Social & Emotional Wellbeing (PD SEWB) for Students and Staff, accredited for schools, youth services and early child care by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority).
Improving SEWB through holistic pastoral care & restorative group dynamics, and developing personal life management skills, begins to reduce obesity & address eating disorders while strengthening skills for resilient living.

Who should attend – All those working in community, family, health and education with those at risk of ED&O.

Structure of workshop – (a) Introductory sharing among participants confirming who’s in the room with what experience, and to honour their contributions; (b) Small Focus Groups identifying the Five Main Challenges in the ED&O field, with Case Study examples; (c) Go through the five main Case Study examples arising and share perspectives on applying these in different contexts.
Intended outcomes – Conclude with Practical Action Plans that can be undertaken in participants’ home contexts and seek to form a Community of Practice of interested collaborators, to work together in a Virtual Professional Development network. Also offer information on the PD SEWB to interested organisations.


Dr Robbie Lloyd has worked in the field of education since 1972, and he has worked in community health and wellbeing in diverse cultural settings for over 30 years. With a doctorate in community mental health and disability support reform, and years working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other First Nations peoples across Asia Pacific, he is passionate about seeing new models emerge to help people empower their own recovery journeys, through learning and life development that is relevant to their daily lives.

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