The 2018 National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club over 27-28 September.

Joining us at this year’s conference is Ms Lisa Renn, Owner/ Dietitian at Body Warfare Nutrition who will present on ‘Controlling Uncontrollable Behaviours – a Non-Diet Framework that Teaches Self-Regulation to those Struggling with Weight Loss’.

Ms Lisa Renn


The Food Freedom Framework introduces concepts to help clinicians assist their clients to understand why diets and food rules actually contribute to future weight gain and to teach them skills to move away from self-sabotage toward self-regulation.

The concepts learnt from the framework will enable clinicians to increase empathy and understanding of their client’s struggle to lose weight and adopt healthier behaviours. This provides invaluable insight into why their client’s cling to diet rules and how to help them past these barriers. The framework enhances understanding of barriers to change and provides a pathway to assist clients to leave dieting behaviours behind and embrace guilt-free eating, using their new skills for self-regulation. Once clinicians have this understanding the client relationship deepens and the health outcomes they create together will be improved.

The framework has been developed from 18 years of dietetic practice and further study which includes motivational interviewing, health coaching, appreciative inquiry, solution focused therapy, growth mindset, failure/shame research and behaviour change.

The aim of the framework is to provide clinicians with a tool to assist clients with behaviour change and increase compliance with their self-directed goals. Understanding the emotions behind diet struggles and why someone can want to lose weight, but not be able to achieve it, allows clinicians to play a bigger role in supporting the successful implementation of healthy behaviours. This will lead to improved client results and increased job satisfaction.

Clinicians looking for an innovative, non-diet, psychology-based tool that decreases unhelpful eating behaviours, provides alternative strategies and improves rapport and empathy with clients will benefit from this presentation.

Key learnings:
1. Participants will learn a simple framework to help their clients understand why diets and food rules don’t work to assist weight loss.
2. Participants will have a greater understanding of the barriers to changing eating habits, which increases empathy and creates a more effective working relationship with clients.
3. Participants will learn a strategy to assist their clients to develop skills of self-regulation and create new healthier relationships with food and eating.


Lisa Renn is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with 18 years’ experience in community health and private practise. Her passion is helping people with behaviour change and motivation. Lisa wrote her first book in 2011; “Body Warfare – The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss”, which teaches clients to make better food decisions and plans, change unhelpful habits and boost motivation. Lisa’s second book “Diet Proof Your Kids” aims to educate parents about how to raise healthy eaters, free from food hang-ups and dieting behaviours. Lisa is also a senior media spokesperson for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia (DAA).

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