PR Queen Roxy Jacenko opens up about obsession…

This time last year, Roxy Jacenko had hit rock bottom.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis while her husband served time behind bars after being sentenced for insider trading, the mother-of-two says her life was completely “out of control”.

But while the world crumbled down around her, the 37-year-old says she was able to keep a tight grasp on one aspect of her life — her body, and her weight.

Dropping to just 49kg at her lowest around Christmas time in 2016, Ms Jacenko says she became obsessed with what went in her mouth, and would even spit out food to avoid the “guilt”.

Roxy would work out six times a week, but says the diet is what shed the most weight.

“I look at it now and I don’t know how I managed to do what I was doing to myself for 12 months,” Ms Jacenko told from her Sweaty Betty office in Sydney’s Paddington.

“I got to a point where I’d put a Mintie in my mouth, taste it and then spit it out. I wouldn’t consume the Mintie in full because there was such guilt and it just wasn’t worth it.”

Ms Jacenko, who says she’s put on four kilos since her husband was released from Cooma Correctional Centre in June 2017, restricted her diet to just four pieces of sushi each day. A measure in hindsight she knows was “ridiculous”.

“I look at photos now … and I looked disgusting,” she said.

“Yeah I had a four pack, but that’s because I was malnourished. It wasn’t because of a great gym regimen. I had an unhealthy obsession with not eating.

“I was almost concave … I looked like a f**king idiot.”

Ms Jacenko, who is mother to Pixie, 6, and Hunter, 3, says she couldn’t maintain her unhealthy eating regimen, but the reaction and compliments she received on social media pushed her further.

“I was going out and drinking … my husband went to jail, my marriage was falling to bits, and I had two kids and three businesses to run,” she said.

“So not eating was a coping mechanism. It was a challenge.

“Imagine looking at your Instagram and everyone is saying to you ‘How do you do it?’ and that eggs you on.

“I look back now and I didn’t have a clear mindset at all.”
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