Session speaker announcement: Ms Kathy Logie, Program Coordinator, PMH Eating Disorders Program on eating disorders – a personal journey

We are pleased to announce Kathy Logie, Program Coordinator, PMH Eating Disorders Program who will speak at the 3rd Annual Australian and New Zealand Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference; Issues of the current day 16 – 17 May 2016.

Ms Logie will speak in the treatments; early intervention and management stream about her own eating disorder experience.

The presentation will provide an overview of a Kathy’s personal experience with an eating disorder in order to convey some of the internal processes that accompany such an experience. Kathy will speak briefly about what it is like to be unwell and caught in a cycle of self-destruction and pain and will share some aspects of the descent into the illness and also the pivotal choices which led to her recovery. Having given a snapshot of the experience Kathy will open for questions and facilitate an honest discussion that allows people to enquire into any area that has piqued their interest.

Having worked for many years as a peer support worker and psychotherapist, Kathy believes her knowledge in this area can be of great benefit to anybody grappling to come to terms with this illness and looking to find a pathway through it towards greater quality of life and peace of mind.

This session provides a rare opportunity to have an open dialogue about this complex topic and hopefully will deepen understanding, increase confidence and provide inspiration for all those who attend.

Kathy has worked in the mental health sector for 12 years, specialising in recovery from an eating disorder and developing a positive sense of self. Having herself experienced in-patient treatment for Anorexia in her teens, she went on to discover holistic strategies for understanding the experience and overcoming the anxiety which underlies an eating disorder.

Kathy has become a well-respected professional who has supported countless families and individuals through eating related difficulties, body dissatisfaction, extreme behaviours and diagnosed disorders. She has made significant contributions to clinical programs, guidelines and training events and has presented at several conferences throughout Australia.

Her background has led her to firmly believe in the ability of people to use their lived experience to aid and assist others who are experiencing eating related difficulties.

Having completed Gestalt Therapy Training, Kathy draws from Social Work approaches combined with Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Recovery Principles to run groups, workshops, programs and individual therapy. She is available to support family members to understand and assist someone with an eating disorder and can share her knowledge of existing services, online supports and complimentary therapies which can guide someone towards recovery.

Her main focus is on providing human, experiential and holistic support combined with practical strategies and information to assist anyone struggling with low self-worth, unbalanced self-image, negative self-talk or a difficult relationship to food/body. She is particularly interested in seeing clients of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island Origin and LGBTQI people

The 3rd Annual Australian and New Zealand Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference; Issues of the current day will be held at Mantra on View, Gold Coast from the 16 – 17 May 2016.
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