Tennis legend: ‘Stop following my anorexic daughter on Instagram’

Years ago, it was his incredible on-court feats that had 42-year-old tennis great Yevgeny Kafelnikov making headlines, but now it’s his teenage daughter, Alesya.

Speaking to Russian website Paparazzi, Kafelnikov expressed serious concern for his 17-year-old daughter’s health, saying that her desire to become a successful model had lead her down a dark path, with social media playing a major part in her dramatic weight loss.

“This is real anorexia,” he said. “Alesya has 14-year-old followers on Instagram who have no brain and support her for losing weight. She should not be listening to these idiots.”

Following a move to Paris and a signing with major modeling agency Elite London, it is reported that Alesya’s weight has plummeted to a mere 45 kilos.

“Last year when she weighed [more], I was happy,” Kafelnikov said. “She was so pretty and finally started looking like a woman. And what is happening now? I am strictly against such a radical weight loss. Unfortunately, she doesn’t listen to me.”

Even more troublingly, Alesya has reportedly said that getting better is not an option, because if she does she will no longer be able to work as a professional model.

Like many Instagrammers her feed is filled with selfies, but it’s the comments from her 213,000 followers that are seriously concerning. To read more click here.

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