The 2018 National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference was held at Twin Towns Services Club over 27-28 September.

Joining us at this year’s conference was Mrs Amanda Clark, Director at Great Ideas in Nutrition who will present a workshop on ‘The Bariatric Surgery Team – Delivering Peak Multidisciplinary Knowledge, Skills and Support’.

Mrs Amanda Clark


BACKGROUND: The Peak Specialist Surgical Weight Loss Program delivers the multidisciplinary excellence patients anticipate from their bariatric surgical team of choice.
Led by Surgeon Dr Candice Silverman, along with experts in the fields of nutrition, psychology and exercise physiology, the Peak team focusses on making life change practical and manageable.

Who should attend:
This workshop is for professionals in the areas of obesity and eating disorders, who will encounter patients who have undergone surgery previously or who are considering proceeding to surgery and want a better understanding of the process.

This workshop will provide a deeper understanding of why people choose to have surgery, why it is the most successful long-term weight loss strategy, how it works, and how patients having taken this step may be best supported. We will also explore the practicalities of what can go wrong, what patients love and what they hate. Content will include practical activities, discussion and demonstration of resources and tools from the surgeon, the dietitian, the psychologist, the exercise physiologist and a patient.

Intended Outcomes:
Attendees will have a well-rounded understanding of best practice procedures through the eyes of the practitioner and the patient. Practitioners will feel more confident when speaking to patients about the procedure and what issues they need to take into account.

Amanda Clark’s practice, Great Ideas in Nutrition is located adjacent to the conference venue in Tweed Heads and the entire team are based locally. This will enable ease of access to bring practical resources for the workshop to maximise the hands-on experience.

Key learnings:
1. Gain an understanding of the process of bariatric surgery.
2. Apply knowledge of positives and negatives of surgery to their own client work.
3. Understand strategies used by experts in the field of bariatric surgery.


Amanda Clark is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, author of Portion Perfection for Bariatrics – a visual eating guide incorporating physical portion plates and bowls. She is content director for the Beyond Bariatric Surgery – everything you need to move on international podcast and runs a well-equipped diet and exercise practice in Tweed Heads.



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