The 2018 National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club over 27-28 September.

Joining us at this year’s conference is Ms Belinda Chelius, General Manager at The Eating Issues Centre who will present on ‘Therapeutic Groups as a Treatment Option for Eating Disorders’.


Belinda Chelius

Group modalities are becoming an increasingly popular intervention to treating eating issues. However, the research supporting their use is lacking1.

The current project explores group-based interventions in a community setting at the Eating Issues Centre (TEIC), which is a follow-on project from two previous evaluations done on TEIC group interventions.

The group setting methodology used by The Eating Issues Centre (TEIC) are recovery focused, community based and encourages shared meals, creativity and self-determination.
Interventions and psychoeducation is largely informed by both feminist and trauma informed frameworks and delivered in a safe environment by qualified therapists specialised in eating issues treatment.

Pre and post data were collected from a series of 10 and 18-week TEIC groups.
A final sample of 41 women were included in the analyses.

Significant improvements were observed with a number of Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI) subscales decreasing considerably. These improvements were evident in areas such as drive for thinness, bulimia, ineffectiveness, perfectionism, interoceptive awareness, body dissatisfaction and personal distrust. Although decreases in the final four subscales were observed from commencement to completion, the differences were not considered significant.

The results suggest that the group modality used by TEIC is a feasible intervention in the treatment of eating issues.


Emily is an accredited counsellor and gained experience working as a case worker and counsellor in the areas of foster care, refugee and asylum seeker support, community development, disability services and youth support, prior to joining TEIC in a locum position in 2017. Emily is passionate about reducing stigma and increasing understanding of mental health, specifically eating issues. Emily takes a blended approach to her practice which respects and honours the client’s experience and strengths. Emily is very close to her family and loves spending time and laughing with them. She also enjoys rock climbing, painting, and travelling.

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