The 2018 National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference will be held at Twin Towns Services Club over 27-28 September.

Joining us at this year’s conference is Celine Healy, Stress Resolution Specialist at Stress to Success who will present on ‘When You Can Resolve the Stress Underlying Your Weight Issues then You Will Be Able to Manage It’.

Celine Healy


Stress is the basis of all dis-ease, disease, failure and non-success.
The aim is to show that stress is pervasive and affects everyone and everything we do. The degree to which you are stressed (holding tension or pain within your body/mind) will affect your behaviour: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

• 95% of all disease/non-success is stress-related
• Stress is cumulative
• Unless and until you deal with the underlying issues that are the real cause of your stress and deprogram and reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind you will never, ever be truly successful at weight management long term.
– Understanding stress ang where it comes form and why it keeps repeating
– That everything we do is a habit
– That stress response is a habit – if so, then it can be “unlearned”
– A bit of my story
– Statistics from the workplace/other places to back up claims.
When you change how you respond to stress you will have control because you will be more aware/present.
Control means choice.
Choice equals freedom.
Audience participation:

There will be 2 or 3 audience participation exercises.
A short video – < 2mins to demonstrate one of the exercises.
I will show people how to do a particular exercise in depth.
There will be a live demonstration of software to show how stress can be measured, monitored and then the person can make small adjustments to change or improve. (This will require one or two audience members to volunteer.)


Celine Healy, Stress and Mental Health & Wellbeing Resolution Specialist, helps companies and individuals resolve the issues behind workplace mental health, so they can move to wellbeing, within a 7- week time period. Having been to burnout and back, Celine knows first-hand what is needed and what works. Celine’s preventive programs solve these stress-based issues because she uses a scientific approach and uses tools and technology that has been researched, tested and proven to work. Stress can be measured and monitored. There is no guesswork with these programs. Celine is an: Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach. and

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